Dynacorn Classic Bodies

The process to register your vehicle is different for each state; therefore we recommend visiting your state’s DMV website for up-to-date information on how to register your vehicle. You can also visit SEMA Action Network‘s website for more information about titling and registration.

The licensing process takes years for each body shell. Every body shell we manufacture has to follow meticulous standards and procedures set by GM/Saab, FCA and Ford. The bodies we decide to produce go through an extensive selection process based on popularity and demand.

Dynacorn Classic Bodies is committed to producing only the finest parts available. In order to do that, it takes time and precision to make sure all the parts jig and fit together properly.

MSO stands for Manufactures Statement of Origin. MCO stands for Manufactures Certificate of Origin. MSO or MCO states that the manufacturer made it new and that it has never been titled, but transferred to an entity (dealer, other manufacturers to modify, or to a financial holding company). This does two main things: it clearly states that the item is new and has not been titled before, but shows legal ownership (it allows the sale or transfer without titling). This type of transfer does not require any state or federal fees.

Dynacorn Classic Body Shells are 100% all-steel:

  • Trunk Floor: 1.0 m/m
  • Rocker Panel: 2.0 m/m
  • Rocker Panel Inner Brace: 3.0 m/m
  • Rear Frame Rails: 2.3 m/m
  • Firewall and Torque Bar: 1.2 m/m
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