Restoration Quality Parts available from Dynacorn International Inc. to help complete 1967-68 Mustang Fastback
1967-68 Mustang Parts List


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** denotes more than one part available
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Exterior Parts

Interior Parts
3637   front bumper   3614D   right door glass
3637A   front bumper guards (pair)   3614E   left door glass
3636B   bumper bolt kit   M3693A   right window regulator
M3574   right front inner bumper bracket   M3693B   left window regulator
M3575   left front inner bumper bracket   M3546   door striker {2 required)
M3572   right front outer bumper bracket   M3616C   right door latch
M3573   left front outer bumper bracket   M3616D   left door latch
M3570C   right hand fender to bumper bracket   M3540   right door handle control
M3570D   left hand fender to bumper bracket   M3541   left door handle control
3643J   front stone guard (bumper filler) **   M3525   1967 interior door handle {2 required} **
3643   front valance (steel) **   M3527   1967 window crank {2 required} **
3642G   front valance (SMC polymer) **   M3528   1968 window crank {2 required} **
3603   front spoiler   M3529   1967 quarter window crank {2 required} **
3632   right front fender   M3529C   1967 vent window handles (pair) **
3633   left front fender   M3529D   1968 vent window handles (pair) **
X3698   right headlamp bucket assembly   M3529A   1968 quarter window crank {2 required} **
X3699   left headlamp bucket assembly   M3548C   1967 instrument bezel (standard)
L3661   1968 front marker lamps (pair)   SBL-BK60   seat belt {2 or 4 required} **
many colors and styles available in dii catalog
L3660A   parking lamp assembly {2 required}   CL-1555   ignition and door lock kit (includes 2 keys)
M3519E   radio antenna   3641T   parking brake assembly
M3510   radiator support/hood bumpers {2 required}   3627   auto trans shifter assembly w/console
3635R   monte carlo bar (curved/chrome) **   3620   accelerator pedal assembly (auto trans) **
3635S   monte carlo bar (curved/painted) **   M3519Z   shift indicator lamp (with console) **
3635L   export brace (chrome) **   M3519X   shift indicator lamp (without console) **
3635M   export brace (painted) **   3621   accelerator pedal assembly (manual trans) **
3635Q   firewall to shock tower braces (pair) **   3624   brake pedal (auto trans/power brake) **
3631D   shock tower cap (painted){2 required} **   3624B   brake pedal (auto trans/standard brake)
3631F   shock tower cap (chrome){2 required} **   M3517   heater core case (without A/C)
3630J   right outer shock tower   M3518   heater plenum
3630K   left outer shock tower   M33883   blower motor assembly
3631J   upper control arm {2 required}   3626A   air vent assembly
3631G   spring seat (saddle) {2 required}   3613   ignition switch bracket
3631JA   1967 lower control arm **   3643XB   headliner bow kit
3631JB   1968 lower control arm **   3661   trap door
M3535   battery tray   3661A   trap door latch
M3537   battery clamp (hold down)   M3508   seat latch cover (w/o fold down) **
M3537A   j-bolt kit (for battery clamp)   M3509   seat latch cover (with fold down) **
M3530C   hood latch   M3506A   fold down seat assembly
M3547A   hood catch/grille support   M3509A   right fold down seat latch
M3544   right hood hinge   M3509B   left fold down seat latch
M3545   left hood hinge   3641RF   fold down seat cushion frame
3641H   standard hood **   3641RG   fold down seat back frame
3641J   turn signal hood **   M3507   fold down seat molding kit (14 piece set)
3641U   scoop hood (SMC w/steel back) **   3641Y   front seat track (adjuster){2 required}
M3641   hood lip molding   3641RS   right bucket seat frame
M3628   1967 grille **   3641RT   left bucket seat frame
M3629   1968 grille **   M3514B   quarter vent assembly (pair){exterior}
M3632   right narrow grille molding   M3514C   right quarter vent bucket/door assembly
M3633   left narrow grille molding   M3514D   left quarter vent bucket/door assembly
M3644   right wide grille molding   M3548K   quarter trim panel (pair)
M3645   left wide grille molding   M3548L   quarter vent panel (pair)
M3636   grille molding joint   M3548M   rear trim kit-molded plastic (5 piece set)
M3658A   windshield molding set (5 pieces)   3643ZC   upper trim kit-steel parts (6 piece set)
M3659   windshield seal        
M3649   drip rail molding        
M3617   exterior door handle kit (pair)        
M3524E   exterior standard mirror {2 required}        
3607N   door to window seals (pair)        
3608B   door weather strip (pair)        
3607Q   window glass run (pair)        
3608J   roof rail seals (pair)        
M3622   right rocker panel molding        
M3623   left rocker panel molding        
M3650   door sill plate (standard) {2 required} **        
M3650A   door sill plate (stainless steel) {2 required} **        
ML02   door sill tag (2 required)        
M3514A   1967 quarter panel ornament (4 piece set) **        
M3514E   1968 quarter panel ornament (4 piece set) **        
M3600   right front wheel well molding        
M3601   left front wheel well molding        
M3602   right rear wheel well molding        
M3603   left rear wheel well molding        
M3667A   rear window molding set (6 pieces)        
M3519   trunk latch        
CL-1552   trunk lock kit (includes 2 keys)        
3649W   trunk catch        
M3680   deck lid (trunk) molding        
M3504   right quarter panel extension        
M3505   left quarter panel extension        
M3682   right quarter extension molding        
M3683   left quarter extension molding        
3643M   tail lamp housing {2 required}        
3643MA   tail lamp lens {2 required}        
3643MB   tail lamp housing to body seal {2 required}        
L3610   license plate lamp        
3631B   rear spring shackle kit {2 required}        
T01   gas tank (no drain) **        
T02   gas tank (with drain) **        
T03   fuel sender        
3640   rear bumper        
3640B   rear bumper guards (pair) chrome **        
3640C   rear bumper guards (pair) black **        
3640D   rear bumper guard bracket {2 required}